Question Name that game (please) ?

Aug 6, 2022
So there was like a game you needed to survive in a bedroom with monster.
After each night you get like a cutscene you play (pixel style)
I remeber the ending was that a guy accidently killed sombody (pushed and person fell on corner of table) and then sombody walked in and he killed that person too.
Then it was like a newspaper which showed a witness finally told (you talked to like a doctor or somenthing)
Also if you knocked down the alarm watch on your table each night it became a monster you could take in an after ending night.
Also think you were in your mind and some places were dark and you could get killed there.
All other games than survivg the monster (trauma reacton or somenthing) were pixel style. You must like flash your light on one monster to scare it away and you could see under bed I think. Sort of like fnaf4 I think in the main game.