Build Advice Nano ITX - Gaming System


Dec 30, 2012
Hello, I want to build a PC using a NANO - ITX motherboard using the following components:

Any compatible Nano-ITX motherboard and no bigger than Nano - ITX
DDR4 RAM 32GB 2400MHz or more
Mobile GTX 980 Graphics Card with PCI-E MINI Interface or Flat Cable to PCI-E MINI Socket on Nano ITX motherboard
CPU: i5 Quad Core with Hyper Threading and Virtualization Technology and Clock Speed of 2.5GHz or more
Embedded GPU as an option shared with RAM up to 2GB of VRAM or 1GB and option in BIOS to extend it.
Embedded GPU should also act as power saving mode
M2 1TB Samsung Evo 970 Plus SSD
Good Sleek Heat Sink and a Good Small Fan with Low Loise and Good Ventilation.
Intel Chipset or AMD. Can't be ARM or other crap that don't support Windows 10 Pro x64
So on some Nano-ITX boards users have the option to attach a flat cable to the Mobile GTX 980 Video Cards PCI-E Attachment's. On the Nano-ITX there is a M2 or Mini PCI-E Slot and you can get an adapter for it so I was wondering if I get an adapter would it work out well or will power consumption be too much needed and the GPU will produce a bottle neck?

Also i want to put a ultra light battery inside it so I want to charge the battery pack and use it on high performance for around 5-6 hours. The power supply can take as long as one wants to charge it for. The battery pack should be equal to a power supply of 800 WATTS however i need a portable UPS but internal so a mini case should be able to carry it inside and be light wieght.

I just want the lightest gaming build ever but not that high speced and low speced and not that low powered and high powered