Question Nano S Case?

Jul 20, 2017
I see some saying that the Nano S case causes a fan on a gpu to be blocked by the psu when not using a blower type of gpu (which I'm not going to be using a blower type...)

However, it's rated extremely high as a case almost everywhere and some claim to not have heat issues...

I am not overclocking the cpu, nor will I game often on it. My build is showing the full load number of watts to only be around 360. I am going to be using a gold efficiency psu.

Wouldn't I be ok under those situations? It just really seems hard to believe it's THAT bad if so many rate it 5 stars.

Otherwise, I'll get the mini c, but the nano is on sale for half the price right now.

Btw, I am getting windowless versions, if that matters.