Question Nas build.

Hello, let me preface this by explaining why I am building. I currently have a dual LGA1366 NAS (which I made mostly for a meme) and this machine has quite a few problems which make it unreliable. It uses a Dell PowerEdge R410 board, which I will NEVER again deal with . For one, although It uses a 24 pin connector that looks like it will work with ATX PSUs, it is proprietary. I was able to find the pinout and make a Dell to ATX adapter using help from the Dell forums, but I do not trust my own handiwork. This adapter incorporated a random 12v power adapter I found to feed the 12v standby. I was getting random restarts, I think due to this, so I decommissioned the NAS and robbed the PSU (which worked fine) for another PC. Additionally, the board throttled the CPUs to about 1ghz below base clock because It thought I had no fans connected due to me using a SATA fan hub and not the proprietary fan headers on the board. Also, it can not work with normal front panel IO of a normal case as it requires the front IO board of the server it came from to boot. There are even more issues but I don't feel like listing them.

So basically, I am looking for something less janky than my current setup. This NAS will run FreeNas (linux)

I'm looking maybe to spend $150 tops on it, and I will be reusing a few parts. I will likely be buying from eBay, although I will consider new parts if cheap. I was advised not to just use an old OptiPlex as ECC ram is recommended, and I refuse to use an actual server due to noise issues. Shipping costs make older workstations not a viable choice either.

Already Owned Parts:
I already have 8 sticks of DDR3 Registered ECC ram. Nothing special, mostly a mix of 4 and 2gb sticks I got for cheap awhile back.
2x 2tb Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM SATA hard drives (I might upgrade these eventually since they are both quite old)
A bunch of cases, including a custom one that fits boards up to HUGE EE-ATX form factor.

Here are the parts I have chosen:

Intel Xeon E5 2670 (v1) 8c/16t - $25
Supermicro X9SRW-F LGA 2011 Server Motherboard - $75
Supermicro SNK-P0048PS LGA 2011 Narrow ILM cooler - $12
Enermax Platimax DF 500w 80+ Platinum - $30+10 shipping (just bought so the deal doesn't disappear)
Total: $152

I have to buy a new cooler since my current 1366 coolers won't work, and the only PSUs I have are OEM junk. I was considering just getting a new EVGA BR450 for about the same cost, but I couldn't pass up on a Platimax for 30 bucks, and it even comes with all of the modular cables. I normally wouldn't consider a USED PSU for a nas, but this one looks mostly brand new and the seller said it was too long for his case so it was not used more than just to test the PC. Also 80+ platinum is good for lowering power draw.

The cooler above relies on high airflow, so I will mount a fan onto it.

From research I have done, this motherboard is proprietary form factor, but it is ESSENTIALLY just EE-ATX but shorter. It should fit into the custom EE-ATX case I have. Modifying a case to make it work is not an issue, so I don't mind that.

This board supposedly uses standard connectors for fans, standard atx power connectors, front panel that doesn't need any other boards to work. It appears to not need any other riser cards to boot either.

Does this look good? Is everything compatible?

Do you have any other suggestions?
Unless your planing on doing more with the computer, a NAS computer does not need to be very powerful. Granted i use my NAS computer for way more then storage but i picked up a Dell Precision T5610 with 2x E5-2637V2 and 32GB of ram, paired with a LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-16I card running 3x8TB IronWolf raid 5 drives and 5x256 Intel SSD in raid 0 for scratch

You could also look at this
If i had a longer server rack at home i probably would have gone this route for NAS storage
I have looked into power figures and I do think It would be beneficial to go with something that draws less power If I don't need that much.

A full blown server doesn't really work for me due to the length and noise levels. I plan to set this in a place where there is basically just enough room for a tower, but a 2u server for example wouldn't work.