Nas For Small Lab


Feb 11, 2011
Hello all,

Trying to setup a NAS. Currently we have almost a TB of data from the past year. I was looking at something from QNAP, but i am unsure of the speeds and features i will need. I am trying to push for a 4 bay setup, but it might end up being only 2.

-Does a NAS setup need 6GB/s transfer rates with SATA III or can i go for the slightly more affordable SATA II?
-How much memory (ram) does it need to serve files? We have roughly 10 people in our lab.
-Does the processor have much impact on the efficiency of the setup, will it greatly slow it down if i get an 800 mhz processor?

-why do people say that a raid isnt a backup? I dont follow the logic, i thought a major point of a raid was redundancy?

-Is it possible to setup the nas to sync the data between itself and the main computer that preforms all the data analysis?

-I was looking for hdd in the 2+ TB range that would run 24/7. Does anyone have any good experiences with a specific brand/model?

Thank you, any extra information would be helpful.