Question NAS options

May 8, 2022
Looking for a wireless NAS. Amazon doesn't understand the concept. AND, the only one I did find said it got its power from a USB!

Doesn't need redundancy or more that 1 TB.



If you don't care about performance anyway, most people would simply opt for plugging a thumbdrive directly into a USB port on their wireless router (especially in this odd modern era of cheap and huge USB sticks). Speed generally won't much exceed USB 2.0 speeds though wired or wireless, limited by the weak CPU in the router. Many cheap NASes actually don't have any better CPU in them either.


Mar 16, 2013
Why wireless?
Power from a USB?

Generally, a NAS box is a stationary thing. Could be sitting right next to the house router, wired.

Are you looking for a true NAS, or some small 1TB drive that may or may not be wireless?
Connect your NAS to your standard router (most of which have 4 wired ports, one wired WAN input,) via wired connection. As that type of router that most folks own also provides wireless connectivity to the home, you can now share the NAS with the rest of the house...wirelessly.


There are people who get hopping mad that their "wireless printer" is designed to connect wirelessly to their network so that anyone on the network wired or wireless can print to it. Instead they want a device to wirelessly print directly to the printer (like in the old IrDA days) without being somehow contaminated by the network, even if this means installing special apps or drivers that essentially are just a front for a separate ad-hoc network.

First of all, power from USB does not mean plugged into a PC and only that PC has access--plug it into a USB phone charger or something.

Second of all, by definition a router or even a network is for connecting more than one PC client to it.

A used cheapo router with a USB port will be cheaper than a NAS and do exactly what you want. You can either replace your current router with it or leave it completely separate with nothing connected to the WAN port if for some reason you don't want it attached to your network


LoL it's just as I said--a "cloud app" that takes over your Wifi network stack from Windows to create an ad-hoc network to the drive so you have no internet access while you are using the drive.

Sure the app lets you bridge the drive to your network, essentially turning the drive into a hotspot. But how long is this app going to work and for how long will it be updated? New Windows builds break these things all of the time so they must be kept maintained, and I'm not sure I trust such a company to stay in business for long.

At least it is also a wired USB drive with an ethernet port so even after they go under you'll still have something you can install in or attach to a PC or router, just with any remaining security vulnerabilities never fixed.

It does look like a nifty appliance to use in the car or a plane but even the manufacturer warns this is not the right device to permanently use at home and it should not be left plugged into power all of the time. There is a reason things are done the normal way and a price for being an early adopter, but if you are willing to pay then go for it!