[SOLVED] NAS Server | Which Linux and which NAS software?


Jan 21, 2019
I'm really new into Linux and want to build myself a small Home/NAS server. The problem is that most of the NAS software I've seen (and understood) are OS's. So basically I install e.g. FreeNAS and that's it. There's the NAS server. But I want to use the server for other things aswell, like a small vanilla Minecraft server, own cloud and probably an ad blocker (pihole).
So is there any NAS Software (not OS) that is hopefully lightweight and can do the following things?

-Software Raid 1
-Cloud service

And which Linux distribution is the best?

As a processor I'll probably buy an i3 10300 with 16gb of memory. As the OS drive I'll use a 120gb sata SSD and two 2tb 2.5" nas drives from WD.

Do I need to watch out for specific HDD's if I want to do software raid w/Linux?

I hope there's something suitable for me because I don't really want to stay on a NAS OS.
Thanks in regards :)


If you have NO parts for this, I strongly recommend considering a prebuilt NAS box.

QNAP or Synology. Much less hassle.
Both run on a Linux variant. But it is not simply a commandline interface.

Feature rich, you can easily host a Minecraft server. Or, a Windows VM if that is what you want.
In theory, you could put up any *nix OS in a box, and then use Samba to make a share.

About all Linux distros support raid, except the one containing OS partition. However - since people these days tend to struggle with "whoops your files are encrypted" -issues, then any network share will also be exposed for this. Therefore, a scheduled task (Crontab files in Linux) running daily rsync with --backup-dircan parameter activated should mitigate this risk.