NAS - Small/Medium Home


May 23, 2008
I was checking on HD prices and they seem high lately. So I am going to use 4 identical 1TB Seagate drives I have for the time being.

Details in order of importance:

- MKV Streaming to PS3 (Currently using PS3 Media Server)
- Speed/Quality
- 2-4 Bays
- $200-500ish
- Ability to remotely download to the NAS (Specifically, remoting from work and initiating files to download to the NAS without needing to stay connected or using work bandwidth to first download the files.) (Falls in like with Online Storage but figured the two ideas were different.)
- Online Storage (Plus, not necessary)

Mostly, I just want to stream my MKV rips to my PS3. I cant see streaming music because I have more than enough storage on my iPhone, although maybe in the future. I can see myself remotely accessing and watching content while on trips, though not often.

Currently, I am running 4 1TB Seagate drives on my main computer. It's a huge power hog so I am trying to save money on my electric and wear/tear on parts. Plus, I would like something that can stay up 24/7.

QNAP, Synology, Iomega and Netgear are the brands I have found the most favorable reviews for when googling. I am just not sure what I need in terms of specs (ram, cpu etc.).

Any help would be great!


Most of the devices you mentioned come prebuilt minus the drives. You wouldn't need to worry about ram/cpu etc as that would already be built into the device. I would probably pick one from each manufacture that matches you price/requirements and start looking up reviews on them.

I would want a qnap device if price was not a factor.


Jan 12, 2012

I don't know if you have made a purchase yet, but I am in a similar position and have been comparing the QNAP TS-219PII ($300 on Newegg) and the Synology DS212 ($300 on Amazon). They both seem to get great reviews and have very similar hardware. Synology's NAS User Interface seems to get rave reviews for functionality and ease of use over other manufacturers. I'm guessing you have already found the same benchmarks I came across in my searches, but let me know if you haven't and I'll post some links.

Hope that helps.