Question NAT type is strict, preventing me from playing certain games with friends

Sep 28, 2018
In almost every game i play the NAT type is strict and this is preventing me from playing games with my friends and it is really frustrating i have tried every possible solution i can think of i have Port Forwarded the games i wanted to play, i have set my pc as a DMZ, i have check to make sure my firewall isnt preventing anything, i have set new inbound rules in my firewall, and ive tried just simply restarting my pc and router, some of the stuff i listed worked for the night but the next day my nat type was strict again, and the "solution" didnt work a 2nd time. please help me.
I would try to enable UPnP if your router has it.

It tends to be simpler but more risk to use the DMZ option. If that option does not work I would suspect you do not have a public ip address.

You should be able to see the ip address assigned to your router in the wan settings. Rather than learn what ranges are private/public you can just compare the ip to a site like whatsmyip. If the ip on the wan port is not the same as on these sites you likely do not have a public ip. It means there is another router doing nat between your router and the internet. Unless you have multiple routers in your house you can not fix this problem.