Question Nearly new PC stopped working overnight ?

Feb 12, 2021
Hello folks, this one is a bit of a headscratcher. Recently finished building a new PC, putting it together around December 20th. Been working beautifully, and I built it with an experienced friend so had no issue with the build. However, after closing it down last night, this morning it refuses to power on at all. The RGB on the motherboard and fans powers on, but pressing the actual power button elicits no response whatsoever - no fans, no beeps, nothing.

I have tried a LOT to try and troubleshoot, everything that I can remember I've put in the list below. I'm not incredibly hopeful, but is there anything anyone could recommend besides swapping out the CPU or mobo (which I can't do as I do not have any compatible spares)? I'm pretty sure I'll have to take it in to a shop but just on the off chance...

  • Tried swapping RAM slots, tested each stick by itself, nothing.
  • Tried reconnecting the POWER SW cables, as well as jump starting the pc with a bit of metal, nothing.
  • Tried removing the NVME drive, nada.
  • Tried taking out and reinstalling the CMOS battery, nope.
  • Used a different PSU which I did have handy, once again lights on but power on does nothing.
  • Tried disconnecting any strictly non-essential cables - fans, front panel io stuff, that sort of thing, nothing.
  • I have also checked the PC wont boot checklist on this forum, but it all seems to apply to new builds rather than ones that were working and just.. stopped.
Any advice would be appreciated. This is all especially painful as my 3070 arrived literally the morning it stopped working :(