Question NEC warranty terms

Jun 27, 2019
I bought a monitor PA302W-BK back in August 2015 and in June 2019 it stopped to work.
I contacted technical support to ask for a replacement because it was in warranty period (4 years from purchased date) and the agent answered me: “Sadly, it looks as though that monitor is out of warranty. That model has a 4 year standard warranty, so the warranty would have ended in 2018. ”. I wrote them back ask them if that is a scam, because I still have the warranty for this monitor, 4 years from purchased date.
They replayed me: “Apologies. I must have somehow misread the 2015 as 2014. For future reference, warranty start and end dates are determined by the purchase date. Since it was purchased in 2015, then the warranty end date would be August 2019. This means that we can go ahead and exchange under warranty.”
They moved fast and next day I received the replacement and …. surprise, surprise!!! I received a refurbished monitor. When I asked them why a refurbished monitor why not a new one? They answered me: “The replacement monitor that we shipped you is a refurbished unit. Since your monitor was not purchased within the last 30 days, we can only offer a refurbished unit. The warranty of the replacement unit picks up where the defective unit left off.”
So, what kind of joke is this??? If you have 31 days since you bought the monitor you’ll gonna have a refurbished replacement??? This is the biggest scam ever!! I payed 1800 US $ and I had a fake warranty!
Be aware everyone, you’ll receive the same “treatment”. So, me I’m sure I’ll change the brand, but…. sadly…. I have anothers 7 NEC monitors at home. I hope you guys learned something today, so be aware their warranty is a scam!


Mar 31, 2019
Lesson here always read your warranty.

EC Display Solutions of America, Inc. (hereinafter “NEC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS”) warrants this Product to be free from defects in material and workmanship and, subject to the conditions set forth below, agrees to repair or replace (at NEC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS’ sole option) any part of the enclosed unit which proves defective for a period of four (4) years from the date of first consumer purchase. Spare parts are warranted for ninety (90) days. Replacement parts or unit may be new or refurbished and will meet specifications of the original parts or unit.