Oct 14, 2007
Does anyone have any suggestions of any sets of 4gb overclockable ram?
I know the crucial tracers overclock very well, but I need it to be around $200.
The crucial stuff is almost $300.


Feb 8, 2007
There are no sets decent sets of 2x2 overclockable ram. There is one that uses D9 chips but they aren't 200...They are around 350 or so. If you want to get a 2x2 kit itt's expensive. If you want to get 4x1 gb you can just nab 2 kits of Crucial Ballistix pc2 6400 rated memory...They use D9GMH IC's.

Keep in mind though that four sticks won't overclock as well as two sticks..

If you want four modules of the pc2 8500 modules to push your oc as far as possible you can nab these..

If you want to grab 2x2 sticks you can grab these mushkin modules that use d9 micron..

Also keep in mind when going up to 2x2 sticks..Chip densities come into play as well. The 2x2 sticks won't overclock as well as the 2x1 modules. But these use d9 micron so they are better suited for overclocking. Also keep in mind the 2x2 is still relatively young...You might want to look into the new OCZ Reapers which are 2x2...They are so new though that there aren't any reviews out yet...not sure what chips they use. Heck....