Question Need a 4K 43" display for work + some gaming (budget is not important)


Jan 11, 2016
As the title suggests, I need something for my work primarily, but I will spend maybe an hour per day gaming on it so I'd like HDR and 120Hz + FreeSync if possible. Budget is not an issue. I will not be using the PC as shown in my signature with this display, so please don't consider that as a factor in any way. I'll be using my office laptop and a games console (PS4 Pro or PS5) with the new monitor. The laptop supports DP, HDMI 2.0 and 4K @ 60Hz.

It would need to have excellent text reproduction above all else - as I work with (very) large spreadsheets and I'll be sitting close to the screen.

I'm thinking/wanting 4K, 43" (16:9), HDR, curved and 120Hz with FreeSync if at all possible. The ASUS ROG XG43VQ came close, but an online review showed how text was not displayed crisply at all - as the pixels are aligned as BGR not RGB and currently Windows does not handle that very well unfortunately.

There is so much choice out there, but finding something that matches all of my requirements has so far been impossible.

Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance.
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Jun 23, 2019
48" is too large to sit close ; Burger&Chips needs to work with spreadsheets.
I'm using 40" and 43" in 4K resolution for desktop/productivity work and they are awesome. 100% = no scaling.

43" is little bit bigger than it could be, I prefer 40". Unfortunately there are no 120Hz/HDR/Freesync options.
For spreadsheets, anything 40" 4K would be totally ok - based on your formulation, I feel you haven't used 40"/43" in 4K so far and believe me, it's a game changer for spreadsheets. You definitely WANT matte screen, forget all those shiny things which are unusable in daylight office (reflections will kill your eyes and spoil your experience). I personally use HP Z43 monitors but they are expensive, some other options would be LG 43UD79 or the new one LG 43UN700.

As of curved : I strongly recommend to test before you buy - grab notebook and head over to any closest place which has them. Test your spreadsheets there - my friends working with Photoshop, architectural photography and CAD systems CAN'T use curved by any chance. For spreadsheets it should not be a deal breaker but it's much more individual than you can imagine. Test it out beforehand, that's all I say.

Honestly, instead of one super-expensive "do it all" I would buy two 4K monitors. One for office productivity as indicated above, one for gaming. They would provide you better value, overall experience and much better price/performance ratio than single ASUS XG43. Honestly, I don't understand the requirement for 120Hz as you want to use laptop which is not going to give you 120Hz ; and I'm not starting about 4K performance (how do you want to use laptop for 4K gaming 120Hz ?)...

If you don't insist on Freesync, I believe some 48"/50"/55" TV would be great for gaming. Look at consoles. Also, don't kill smaller alternative : what about 32" for games ? NON-4K because LAPTOP doesn't have the required performance for 4K. You can use this 32" as secondary monitor during your production day for some minor tasks such as chat, emails, web browsing, spotify, etc.

So my recommendation :
40" anything matter you can find (very limited supply these days !) or MATTE 43" LG (500$) or HP Z43 (700$)
plus 32" 1440p (250$) for games and auxiliary office stuff (chat, emails, web browsing, spotify...) during the day

I'm running HP Z43 4K plus old 30" HP LP3065 (2560x1600). Second Z43 is sitting on the floor waiting to be put to production, if I didn't spend 15 minutes writing this it would be on the table already :)
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Jan 11, 2016
Thanks for the excellent response. The FreeSync, 120Hz and HDR requirements were more for when using it with a PS5 or XSX, not the laptop for work.
So it's not a 100% must have feature. I have two 4K HDR televisions that I use with consoles, but neither of them have VRR or 120Hz.
So the plan was to kill several birds with one stone. But looks like it's not that reailsitic (not right now anyway).
All the laptop can support is 4K @ 60Hz, so that is all I really want when it comes down to it.
I've recently tried using a 4K monitor and having 4 x 1080p windows open at once is simply fantastic! It's great for my tired old eyes and boosts my productivity.
Will review the suggestions and likely get one of those. :D