Question need a bit help to overclock my system

Jan 24, 2021
i have no experience at all, but
i already overclocked a q9650 to 3,60ghz from 3,00, unfortunetly my ram went broke after a few hours of gaming : P
(it closed things always and always again)

now i have a few questions..^^

fsb 400 acctualy, fsb is just the ghz of my processor. right ?

what u think about 1,2v-1,25v on a Q9650 for 3,6ghz ?

can i leave dram frequency on automatic if i dont hit the maximum dram freqency ?
or if i dont need to put the lowest value ? (like last time so my ram dont get shoot instant)

what is "pcie frequency 100" ?

what is the maximum "healthy" fsb i can go for on a "P5q-E motherboard" ? coud anyone find that out for me ? ##
a maximum FSb for p5q-e motherboard woud be good known also.

what happens if the current is lower than the fsb needs? does it shutdown in high usage moments ?

shoud i make photos out of the BIOS so u can help me even more ? if... xd

--- intel Q9650 processor -------
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