Need a bit of help with a config


Jan 26, 2013
(hope I posted this in the right place)

Hey guys. I'm kinda' new to the whole PC gaming aspect of my life and I've lurked here quite a bit and you all seem to know very well what you're doing. Anyway, I wondering if anyone could sport me a good config as I'd like to start building.

My current budget is at $3,700 USD (by all means, to the users that happen to help me out, feel free to use all of that) and it should be noted that I won't be using multiple monitors for the mean time.

I'd just really like it if it could be future proof. I'd like to be able to run BF4 when the time comes in ULTRA and so on.

Appreciate it. :D


Mar 26, 2009

Glad to help. We need a bit more info, have a look here and post the list please:
personally, i'd split that budget in 2, build a high end machine now, and pencil in the rest of spend for 2 years time. you'll get 90%+ of the performance now and 150-200% of the performance in 2 years time.

3570k 16GB, 256SSD (OS and some games), 2TB storage, gtx680, or sli GTX670's (given multi monitor this would be the better option) 700-800W PSU, nice case. Win 7 64 bit

and then buy two GTX870's when they come out in 2015? assuming they are any good, by which point BF5 would struggling on the sli'd 670's. Also buy a 512 SSD when they are cheap for the remaining games and keep the 2TB for backup and slower storage.


Mar 26, 2009


I don't know of decent IT shops around you so I'll just recommend products.

CPU = 3770k if you are planning on running and multitasking applications, if gaming only then 3570k
CPU Cooler =
■Coolermaster H212+ (better than stock cooler and low overclocking)
■Noctua D14 (one of the best air silent air coolers, warning this thing is huge, make sure it will fit)
■Corsair H80/100/110 water coolers (make sure the case supports dual radiators if you choose the h100 or h110)
CASE = really up to you on what you like. I can suggest looking at something from Corsair, Antec and Coolermaster
Motherboard = Anything from the "big 3" (Asus, Gigabyte and MSI) with a z77 chipset would be good. I prefer ASUS and can recommend these:
■Asus Sabertooth Z77 (5yr warranty, good for overclocking), Asus P8Z77-V Pro (great all rounder and comes with WiFi, good for overclocking)
■Asus P8Z77-V (similar to Pro minus the wifi)
■Asus Maximus V... (any flavour, best for overclocking)
RAM = 16GB DDR3 1866MHz+ should cover it. There are many options out there, look at Corsair, G.Skill, Muskin, Kingston or Crucial
Hard drives = Get an SSD (256GB+ so you don't have to get a bigger one a year down the line) for you Operating system and application and a normal drive for data storage e.g. movies, music etc.
■Intel 520 series
■Samsung 840 Pro series
■Corsair Neutron GTX series
■Normal hard drive, anything from Western Digital or Seagate would be fine. Just don't go with "eco" drives (WD Green), they are slower than normal drives)
Graphics cards = At the moment the AMD 7970 is the fastest single GPU card, followed by the 680GTX and the 670GTX. AMD will be releasing the 8000 series within 2 or 3 months, might wait till then to get the current generation cards a bit cheaper or make the jump to the latest tech.
Power supply = Don't go cheap, get a proper PSU, look at power supplies from Corsair, SeaSonic or XFX
Optical drive = Any Blu-ray DVD-RW combo drive

That should give you some idea of the components to look for at your local IT shop or favourite online retailer.