Need a Case with a lot of Air flow


Mar 12, 2011
Yes I am currently Building a render/gaming Pc with a lot of high end parts I am looking for a FULL case without mesh *Because I have dogs and they like to shed alot*. I want it to have as much airflow as it can possible have I don't mind noise I have a 200$ budget on the case alone do you guys have any suggestions.

I have heard that the SilverStone RAVEN has great airflow but how does it look set up since its flipped? and how does the top vent fit on when you have your cables set up?
You might want to consider the Corsair 550D. Originally designed as a quiet case, there are top/side panels that can be removed to provide extra airflow. All of the intakes have nice filters that remain in place via magnets....easy to remove, clean, and replace.