Question Need a fix for stutters and overall lag on CSGO

Mar 27, 2023
Been out of touch from CSGO for about 2 years. I installed it yesterday on my gaming laptop and was getting around 100 to 140 fps with a lot of dips. I tried using launch options and other fps cfgs)
Used the Ulletical Benchmark map and got around 62 avg fps(which sucks){with all low settings}
Something is definitely going wrong somewhere
i should get at least 200 fps on this game. Even on COD Warzone 2 , I get 90fps without stutters
My Current Specs:
ROG Strix G15 Laptop
R7 5800H
RTX 3070
16GB Ram

Even on my old laptop i used play 2Years back had only an MX150 and i used to get 80+fps

All other games work pretty well, its only this game that's giving me issues..
Any help would be appreciated <3

Also im using a double monitor setup (playing on main laptop screen with 300hz and have a vertically mounted 144hz monitor on the side) [ could the 2-monitor setup be killing my fps??]


Jan 8, 2020
Having two monitors running under the same rig does hit the performance, but even so 60 fps on Counter Strike is way below the expected for those specs. Check again with a single monitor route just to make sure that's the issue.
CSGO is cpu intensive and largely single threaded.

I see many complaints about gaming laptops not performing well.
Usually gaming while plugged in.
One common cause is thermal throttling.
Laptop coolers must, of necessity be small and light.
The coolers are also relatively underpowered.
If you run an app such as HWMonitor or HWinfo, you will get the current, minimum, and maximum cpu temperatures.
For intel processors, if you see a max of 100c. in red, it means you have throttled.
I think for ryzen, the number is more like 90c.

The cpu will lower it's multiplier and power draw to protect itself
until the situation reverses.
At a lower multiplier, your cpu usage may well be at 100%
What can you do?
First, see that your cooler airways are clear and that the cooler fan is spinning.
Use a windows balanced power profile, not the performance profile.
Set a minimum cpu performance to something like 20%

It is counter-intuitive, but, try changing the windows balanced power profile advanced functions to a max of 90% instead of the default of 100%
You may not notice the reduced cpu performance.