Need a hybrid drive


May 4, 2011
I'm still sitting on my 250GB 7200rpm WD Caviar from 2005 and desperately need more space and would really like faster startup. I've been shopping around and these "hybrid" drives look really appealing. Assuming that my little 300W PSU can squeeze out enough juice to support one more component, I will be adding it and using the 250GB one for recorded TV, family pictures, music, and other media. Some common tasks I do on my computer would include gaming, recording 1080i TV, editing video in After Effects (I upgraded to CS6, but my current HDD doesn't have enough free space for the new cache system), modeling, rendering, and animating with Autodesk Inventor, 3ds Max, and Maya (all 2013), compiling documents and presentations with Office 2010, animating in Flash CS6, and working on websites with Expression Studio 4. Programs take up most of the space on my current drive, so I keep almost all of my documents on SkyDrive. Can somebody please recommend a good hybrid drive ($100 at the absolute max) that will suit my needs? If there aren't many good options, then a good, fast HDD?

EDIT: Oh yeah, current specs:
Gigabyte 870A-USB3
MSi GeForce GT440
2x4GB PNY Optima DDR3 RAM @ 1333MHz
AMD Phenom II X6 1035T 2.60GHz @ 3.20GHz
Western Digital Caviar 7200rpm 250GB HDD
HP DVD-RW Drive 640b
Phillips IDE DVD drive
Samsung SuperWriteMaster DVD-RW drive
ATI TV Wonder HD 600 PCI-e
Conexant Falcon II NTSC Tuner
RaLink PCI WiFi card
Anatel PC Modem
300W PSU (stock from HP Media Center PC m7160n)