Need a little help and advice in regards to HDD and SDD


Mar 29, 2012
I am just about finished with making my gaming rig that I have been working on for QUITE AWHILE! Lol. I am nearing the last few decisions that I need to make, just a FYI I am down to deciding my Graphics Card, Optical Drive, power supply and my storage. This question is obviously in regards to storage. I have heard from quite a few people and sources that SSD is absolutely amazing and you should find away to budget in some SSD memory in order to essentially cache the OS and other huge applications/games that would be used on a regular. So my question is how much is a decent amount? And what kind should I purchase. I noticed there was different types of SSD. I know people are going to ask how much money I have to budget for it and IDK how much to be honest. My gaming rig is somewhere along the lines of a Uppermid-tier build I think, I have a Intel core i5-2500k (unlocked & unleashed) CPU and an ASUS P8z68-V PRO/GEN-3 motherboard. If that helps you understand my budget kind of lol. I do know that I want 1 TB of HDD storage. Any advice or help?
Best option is an SSD for OS + Programs, and NOT a small SSD as a cache for a HDD (SRT setup.

Recommended size is 120/128 gig. Min (my recommendation is 80 gig).

Brand - My normal recommendation still holds: Curcial M4, Samsung 830 or Intel 510/520 - which of the 3, Which ever is cheapest. As to performance not much more than a Nickels worth of difference, go for reliability and the three I mentioned are good in that catagory.

I have a pair of m4's and a Samdung 830. newegg had a fantastic sale on the Samsung 830 $120 ( I paid around 180 not long ago and at that time that was low sale price.

Looks like still on sale, but not for long:


Apr 23, 2012
I agree with Chief, you should totally buy the biggest SSD you can afford. I'm not getting paid by Corsair or anything, but i've had a lot of luck with their Force Series 3 and GT SSD's with Asus boards as long as you use Intel native controllers, i'm having problems with my Marvell controllers on a current setup right now. Also have a Force 3 60GB in my macbook pro as well.