Need a little help and advice in regards to Storage


Mar 29, 2012
I am just about finished with making my gaming rig that I have been working on for QUITE AWHILE! Lol. I am nearing the last few decisions that I need to make, just a FYI I am down to deciding my Graphics Card, Optical Drive, power supply and my storage. This question is obviously in regards to storage. I have heard from quite a few people and sources that SSD is absolutely amazing and you should find away to budget in some SSD memory in order to essentially cache the OS and other huge applications/games that would be used on a regular. So my question is how much is a decent amount? And what kind should I purchase. I noticed there was different types of SSD. I know people are going to ask how much money I have to budget for it and IDK how much to be honest. My gaming rig is somewhere along the lines of a Uppermid-tier build I think, I have a Intel core i5-2500k (unlocked & unleashed) CPU and an ASUS P8z68-V PRO/GEN-3 motherboard. If that helps you understand my budget kind of lol. I do know that I want 1 TB of HDD storage. Any advice or help?

i have the aus z77 saberthooth and ib 3540 cpu and 8g of ramn and intel 520 ssd not the fastest ssd outthen and windows 8. from cold boot to on is less then 20 sec. web pages and programs open up in a flash.


Jan 1, 2012
I have the same processor and similar motherboard (mine is the deluxe). I bought the Crucial M4 128GB to run the OS, Office and a few other programs. For storage, I looked for price and reliability, not speed. Afterall, it's just for storage. I am running WD Caviar Black (1TB) and the Samsung F4 (2TB) and can recommend both.

Once you go to an SSD, you will never look back.