Jun 30, 2019
currently have a cheap setup runs with a rx560 needs to upgrade to run vr what's a good card that can be paired to my PC CPU is AMD ryzen 3 2300x quad core processor core clock is at 1196mhz and monitor is off my TV so its 1080 but dont know if the vr needs 4k or something new to vr it's the oculus rift

New to upgrades so need some help. I want to play some VR got the oculus rift. My pc plays it now but only certain games and doesn't quite meet the requirements. Needs a more capabale GPU. So I have a ryzen 3 2300x with the stock radeon 560 Rx graphics card now. What can I upgrade to If any cards I cant seem to find a definite answer on what will match up. The VR requires a gtx 970 or radeon r9 290 or better to work good.