Need a new computer? old vs new vs price

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Feb 13, 2010
I'm currently using:
Pentium D 930
2gb Ram
9600 GT OC

I play games (wow, aion, etc). My fps are low (10 to 30) in wow when in populated areas or in 25man raids.
I have spent alot of time recently updating drivers, reading, cleaning/repairing my system. I started pricing new computers and parts, but I'm trying to keep cost down and still get a decent machine.

First I think my issue is my CPU. I haven't seen allot of good reports for the Pentium D and gaming. Also my machine came with a 7300 LE card and a year ago I added the 9600, this hardly did any thing for my FPS.

I started looking a cheap machines because I don't want to make the same mistake I made 4 years ago buying a $2500 computer that didn’t turn out to be that great and not very upgrade able.

Here is what I’m looking at:
Listed in order by what I think is best option:
1. $696
ADM Athlon IIx4 630
Readon HD 5750
2. $567
ADM Athlon IIx4 630
Geforce 9600 GT (my current card)
3. $522
ADM Athlon IIx2 245
Geforce 9600 GT (my current card)
4. $674
Intel I3 530
Geforce 9600 GT (my current card)

I have read up on all the below cards and cpu's:
Pentium D 3ghz (current)
Intel I3 530 (not that impressed in price vs upgrade amout)
ADM Athlon IIx4 620 (nice upgrade for the price)
ADM Athlon IIx4 630
ADM Athlon IIx2 245 (ok upgrade for cheap)
Intel core2 Duo E8400
Intel Core2 Quad Q8400 (bigger upgrade for a cost)
Intel Core2 Quad Q8200

So you can see I'm leaning towards the ADM Athlon IIx4 620, unless some one has some good reasons for something else?
As for graphics cards:
I really see only going with a Readon HD 5750 or higher for much of and upgrade or a Geforce 260GTX or higher.
I’ve looked at the 250GTS and don't think the upgrade with worth the $$ for playing wow.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I think I'm on the right track, but am looking for some one with more PC knowledge to look at some of this.

Not open for further replies.