Need a new graphics card for battlefield 3


Feb 1, 2011
i am needing a new graphics card for when battlefield 3, rage and modern warfare 3 come out and wanted some advice.
i currently have a sapphire radeon 4870 which runs games good but want something a little better. im looking to spend 200 to 250 dollars.
i am cool with radeon or nvidia.
i looked at a radeon 6870 and gtx 560ti but didnt know if there were others that were better

going to be running on a 23 inch monitor 1080p thanks!

my cpu is a i7-870 overclocked to 4ghz in case that matters and running off of a ocz agility 3 ssd in sata3
Both the 6870 and 560Ti perform quite well at 1080p. The 560Ti is about 10% faster than the 6870, its ATI equivalent is the 6950 1GB. The 6950 1GB is slightly faster than the 560Ti at stock clocks, though the 560Ti can make up for that by overclocking. Cards above the 6950 1GB and 560Ti lie beyond your budget. Within your budget either the 6950 1GB or 560Ti would offer a nice upgrade and allow you to run just about anything at maximum at your resolution (Crysis 2 and Metro 2033 excluded)


Oct 27, 2011
:] hey do you have 300watt or did you up grade i want to upgrade graphic card too i have a hp 6267 pavilion do watts matter what can i choose i have bf3 and want toplay it in better graphics with out upgrading my POWer Suply too .

:cry: :pfff: please help