Need a new motherboard, what type should I look after?


Oct 1, 2009

I am about to build a new computer and have been looking into which motherboard type to choose.

The current setup looks like this : Intel I5 2500K, Geforce GTX570, AData 8 GB CL9 RAM. I motherboard have to beable to run SLI. The computer will be used for programming and gaming (Battlefield 3).

There is a couple of diffrent types of motherboard, the question is which one to choose?

H67 - This is the version that do suport onboard GPU but do not allow overclocking.

P67 - This seems to be the mint version of sandybridge, there is no extra support för onboard GPU (CPU/Motherboard) and its possible to overclock.

Z67 - This is the new hybrid version (between H67 and P67) that uses the CPU onboard GPU (that exists in for example I5 2500) but do still make it possible to overclock.

This is where it is unclear, is there anything else I have to know? I have heard somthing about choosing a motherboard that suports the next CPU from Intel? Does this mean that the new CPU will be able to run at a motherboards that I buy today? What should I look for?

And then there seems to be up to 3 generations of the Sandy Bridge on the market? Some suports higher rates on the e-SATA(6 GB instead of 3GB) and so on?

Pleas can somone help me make this more clear.

Asus is still the best for bios updates for new cpus if you want ivy bridge. This is just one example of a board you might be able to use for ivy bridge. I wouldn't overclock the cpu with sli unless you have some patience and a true workhorse of a power supply, something like this: Sparkle is my favorite brand power supply. Glad to see they are making premium power supplies.