Need a New Mouse and a Gaming Mouse Pad...

Hi Everyone,

After 5 years of faithful service my Logitech mouse finally is dying! I am planning to shift to a gaming mouse of something like Razer or SteelSeries.
I haven't done much looking. But i have read some reviews that Razer Death Adder and Razer Lachesis are good.
Could you guys please tell me a good option. I don't have any budget in mind.. Also please do tell me about the gaming mouse pads. I was thinking about Razer Goliathus Control Fragged Speed Edition or the Roccat Sense. Please do explain in detail a bit. As i am used to only simple optical mouse and my table as my mousepad! :)


Jun 4, 2007
I've used the Microsoft Sidewinder and now use the Logitech G9 and love it. It's very customizeable and for the way I play, it's perfect.
I was thinking about the Razer Imperator. I was thinking of buying it. Features are pretty much like the Razer Naga.

Microsoft SideWinder X8 is not available in India. And X5 doesn't look like it will be comfortable for me! I really have large hands!

Also saw a brand called Roccat. Whose mouse mats are really cool! Has anyone have any feedback on them?


Jun 15, 2009
I have an XTRAC pad - the ripper XL, it's like, almost 2 feet across .. I love it. Having a huge mousepad is so nice.

I'm using the razer lachesis right now - pretty pleased with it. I like the MS sidewinder and the logitech as well. I have to say, this mouse has helped me be the most accurate I have ever been, though. If I wasn't such a lazy-armed heavy-hander I could probably be even better ;p

As far as hard and soft pads, I honestly prefer soft pad just for the sake of my wrist when it's resting on it. Hard pads don't seem to get much better detection wise anyway. Especially with 4000dpi. ;p

The razer software is actually very good too - allows you to kill mouse acceleration, synchronize vertical and horizontal tracking rates, and I've never had it cause computer problems like logitech software.
I was thinking about Razer Imperator and Razer Goliathus or the Roccat Sense. Is this a good setup?
The Goliathus is available in many different falvors, like the Control, Speed, Fragged Control tc. Are they of any importance or just a marketing gimmick?


May 21, 2008
I have had a Razer for about a year or so and I LOVE it. Not only does it look bad ass, but the quality is amazing. It was so good that I also got a keyboard from them. Both are great. Razer really is a great brand if you are willing to spend a little. Totally worth it imo.

Check this out...the one I got :

also, I have this which matches it PERFECTLY (2 a.m. with the lights off, that is.):