Need a new mouse for PS2


Sep 29, 2012
I started playing Planet Side 2 today. My conventional mouse is terrible for flying. Any ideas on a good mouse. Nothing extreme but good.
i have a rat 7 contagion its nearly 1 year old and i cant fault it. i had to send the first 1 back but the replacement has more than made up for that. great little mouse and 1 of the best i have used.
if you want cheap but very good then the logitech g400 is worth every penny as is the kova+ if you can find 1 both can be had for around £30

(lol not true pravus. id read the posts. sometimes i get it wrong because im dyslexic but this time, no issues)... ;)

darth pravus

Nov 9, 2012
G400 is another good choice on a smaller budget.

I wouldn't go for a chep razer mouse as I haven't heard too many good things about them. Grab yourself a nice steel series mouse mat for cheap while you at it. Makes a world of difference.

(To be fair asking about a mouse and putting Ps2 in the title? I thought connector or console at a stretch before I viewed the thread.)