Question Need a new PSU.


So while I'm pretty good at picking out parts like these, things have gotten pretty crazy lately with prices for things here in the states.

So I'm now looking to people here for some help.

I've filtered the PSU list by what I know I'm gonna need at minimum for my 1080 Ti as well as trusted brands.

Now I just need to know what's the cheapest thing I can get away with for my 1080 Ti.

Been using a green label CX600M for the longest time, and yes, while I'm aware that there were issues for a lot of people with this PSU, I got lucky and it's been one hell of a champ.
However, it's now starting to make a sort of vibrating/clicking noise while it's running.
This could just be the fan bearings going out, but honestly I've put off upgrading this thing for a long enough time now while using it and running the risk of it failing at some point, and I don't want to take the chance anymore, so before that happens, and while it's still doing it's job and working fine, I want to get a new one.

Here's the list.,2000000000000&sort=price&m=52,337,50,11,14,51,71,441,56&e=4,2

And if anybody thinks there's a better deal to be had with another brand name not in the filter let me know.

While PCPP isn't always reliable as of late, it's all I've got to efficiently compare prices and such.
But if you happen to know of a deal somewhere that isn't properly listed on PCPP let me know.
(I know that Newegg tends to have flash deals all the time.)

And if you think I could get away with less than bronze rated by all means, I'm all ears for anything you've got.
I want to spend as little money as I possibly can here.


Thanks for the feedback.

I'm taking a pretty hard look at this one though.
Thermaltake makes decent stuff from my knowledge, and the reviews for it show promise.
(RGB is whatever, it just happens to be like that lol), what I'm taking note of is the wattage, the price, and the overall build quality and performance.
I don't honestly care that it's non modular lol, cuz money is money.