Need a new video card but can I run 4x or 8x AGP?


Nov 18, 2003
I am looking at a gforce fx 5200 video card for my kids computer but it says it supports 4x or 8x AGP. I don't know how to tell if it will run on my p3 450 gateway running win98. If anyone could help me not waste my cash I would appreciate it. I do know that I have the AGP card because it says that in the bios setup but as for 2x or 4x I don't know.
Want a better way not to waste your cash. Get a Gefore4ti 4200, it's a much better card than the FX5200, and it works in 2X/4x (and some can work in 8X [usually stresses that]).

However if you are set on the FX5200, then I would suggest going to google, and ebtering in the info for your computer (model number etc.) and likely there will be some info on it like a schematic or user guide. Also try entering the model number in at Gateway's site.

With something that old though it's likely AGP1 or 2X in all likelyhood.

Now do you KNOW you have an AGP slot (usually a brown slot beside the White PCI ones [they now are a bunch of colours depending on mfr but should be brown for you]), or do you just think so because it meantions AGP in your BIOS?

You don't necessarily have an AGP slot because of that; you may just have AGP onboard graphics. You will have to get the specs for you machine and then find out. I know that the E4200 has an AGP slot (I almost bought one way back when, but forget the speed of AGP slot [was based on Celeron/PIII 300/350 model? {can't remember it's been like 2 years}]), but not sure about your model.

I would strongly recommend getting the GF4ti instead of an FX5200, especially if you're not sure which speed your AGP slot support. But FIRST be sure it's an AGP slot and not just AGP onboard memory, in which case you will need a PCI graphics card.

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