Need a power supply but what to get


Sep 17, 2011
hi al building a new rig but need a power supply just wondered what you guys would recommend

rig spec:
cooler master stacker 831
Crosshair V Formula motherboard
AMD phenom ii X6 1100T
G Skill Ripjaws F3-10666CL9S-4GBRL 4GB DDR3 (1333MHz,Cas 9) x3
Seagate ST31000524AS 3.5 inch Barracuda 1TB
OCZ Vertex Plus 2.5" 60GB SSD (for the OS specifically)

its hopefully going to be watercooled just got to find it :p lol

if theres anything else you can think of to put in it just let me know

many thanks everyone
You can't beat this. $39.99 after $20 rebate and $10 instant promo code.

Promo ends today!

Just a suggestion. I'd get a X4 955BE (on sale $115), it'll be just as fast as that X6 in gaming and overclock better, and you can keep the money you save for a bulldozer upgrade down the road or better yet, a better graphics card than a 550ti. Change it to 560ti. You'll be happier with your machine.

Also you don't want 3 sticks of memory. You need memory in pairs, such as 2 sticks or 4 sticks, not 1 or 3. I'd get ddr3-1600 cuz bulldozer will take advantage of the extra speed. You don't need 12GB, 8GB is more than enough. These Gskills are perfect.

If you use programs that need more than 8GB of memory, then just get 2 of these kits for 16GB for $102.

That's a very expensive motherboard designed for 3 graphics cards . You are installing one relatively weak graphics card so its a complete waste of money .

You can have the exact same performance from your motherboard for over a $100 less

You also seem to be saying that you are going to install 3 x 4 gig of RAM , or 3 x 4 kits of 2 x2 gig?
The first option will run in single channel because you have the three sticks pspread unevenly across two channels . The second option is 6 RAM sticks which cant possibly fit in 4 slots

For gaming
Either a board with a 970 series chipset like the M5A97 evo , or if you will SLI later on then the Gigabyte

For gaming you need 2 x2 gig kit of 1600MHz RAM that runs at 1.5 volt . 2 x4 GIG wont improve performance but it will run some non-game tasks a bit faster .

The phenom 955 , or if you can wait a few weeks for the next generation Bulldozer processors then thats probably an excellent idea at this point .

Those changes free up a lot of extra cash for a better graphics card which you will need if you have a high definition monitor .


Sep 17, 2011
its going to be 3 4gb sticks (or 4 lol) i know i dont need it but then again i dont actually need to build the computer its just a case that i want to lol

i am going to be doing photo editing and im getting into a bit of movie editing

im just going to be using my TV or a monitor which is full HD

i want to keep the mobo as i really like it :p lol

what would you guys say is better for a graphics card ATI or Nvidia??


As far as PSUs are concerned, be informed. Before you buy any PSU read accurate, objective PSU reviews at reputable sites such as or on the EXACT model PSU that you are interested in as some brands have good and poor quality PSUs.

You can also get an accurate rating of how much PSU power is required for your current or future system at the PSU calculator link below. Once you know the total PSU watts required then you need to confirm that the 12v rail has enough amps. to support your Vid card(s) and the rest of the PC system.

There are several websites that show the Vid card power consumption in watts. Divide the watts by 12 to determine the amps. required on the 12v rail(s). Add 15 amps for the rest of the PC on the 12v rail and you now know the Minimum total 12v rail amps required under full load. It's best to have at least 5-10 amps. reserve on the 12v rail available under full load so the PSU is not loaded to 100%.

It's also worth noting that people often misunderstand the 80% power rating. This is a rating of the PSU's energy efficiency not it's output. 80% plus PSUs use less grid power to produce the same PC power. If it's 80% Bronze, Silver or Gold the cost savings on electricity is pretty small between Bronze, Silver and Gold unless you are paying very high rates for electricity so any 80% rated quality PSU is fine even if not Gold. For those who leave their PC on 24/7 a quality 80% PSU is a good investment.