Question Need a replacement TV on a budget, which of these is better?

Raw Berserker

May 18, 2014

Just a couple hours ago, my trusty 40" LCD Sony Bravia from 2006 started getting scan lines and duplicating images, so I think it might be time to retire it. I use this TV as a second monitor for my PC to watch stuff, but also to play on my consoles. I'm also not in a position to spend too much, so preferrably I need something reasonably priced. My main want is that the TV is 4k, but I also would love one with component input for my older consoles (though I know that's a rare sight these days).

These are the 2 I found, but given the manufacturers, I'd want an informed opinion before making any purchases:

If anoyone has any recommendations other than these that fit the criteria, I'm all ears. Ideally, £300 is about my limit (and I know that's not a lot of wiggle-room), but I'm open to seeing whatever you've got to show me. 40" is also pretty much the size I want to stick to, it's perfect for my setup.

I've had good luck out of the TCL Roku TVs. I enjoy them better than my Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire Stick. I have had more problems out of the Samsung and Amazon Fire Stick than the TCL Roku TV. The Samsung apps don't want to stream (quite often) and the Amazon Fire Stick remote quits working more than it should. The TCL Roku TV just works.