Need a review of my new programming workstation build plan.


Jan 24, 2014
Hello all!

Lately I've spent some time composing my new work spot. My education about hardware is limited in general, so I kindly ask for help to detect any potential compatibility problems between selected components as well as trivial overlooks/mistakes I might have made.

First goes the build:
1. motherboard: Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4
2. cpu: i7-4930K BOX
3. cpu cooling: CPU Thermalright HR-02 - Macho - TR131
4. graphics: Gainward GeForce GTX650Ti 2GB
5. ram: Team Group Vulcan DDR3 1600 4x8GB
6. hard drive: Seagate Barracuda, 3.5", 3TB SATA/600 7200RPM, 64MB cache
7. psu: SeaSonic SSR-650RM 650W 80 Plus Gold
8. monitor: 3x LED LG 22EA63V-P
9. case: Corsair Carbide Series 200R

The main goals that I had were:
- A very strong CPU (apart from programming, testing etc. I plan to do quite a bit of CPU research computations, both single-threaded and multi-threaded), this is VITAL in this build.
- 3 screens display - a personal preference - this is non-negotiable! :)
- A lot of RAM (my current laptop has 16GB, and it already happened a few times that I ran short of it!), however these need not be high performant at all, assumption is that any computation work will be CPU bound or fit into it's caches.
- No unnecessarry components (this includes dvd drive as an example). I don't plan to play games anytime soon, so I also don't need any fancy gfx card.

Here is how I've came up with my build:
Intel processors seems to be outperforming AMD in performance, so this meaned for me that I want to base on Intel. Unluckily, according to my estimations, even 4 cores CPUs like 4770K (which I initially considered) might not be enough for my needs, so I had to look at 6 cores CPUs. Thats where I got my initial build point, the 4930K processor - not cheap at all, but there's pretty much nothing more unless going with xeons build, which I assumed I cannot afford.
The outcome of this processor choose was going with LGA2011 socket, Even better, as I anyway wanted to eventually be able to extend my RAM to 64GB.
Next was the graphics card. I was rather opting with NVidia due to CUDA being the de-facto leader in GPU computing - as a programmer this might come handy to me one day. I've done some reading and, as far as I understood, to connect the 3 aforementioned screens to my machine I have two options:
1) Get a two older SLI cards
2) Get a Kepler card
I went for second option due to very possible technological advances in CUDA technology, plus 650 wasn't that expensive, that I decided to drop a few more bucks on it and go with 2GB and Ti version, the price difference wasn't that big.
Later choices were much simpler.
RAM on frequency, no need for high frequency, matched to be sure I get no RAM installation problems.
Hard drive - high capacity rather than performance - I don't need it here, also boot time is irrelevant - this machine will work 24h a day anyway.
PSU and CPU cooling are based on reviews I googled,
The Corsair case was picked almost at random, I need the possibility to install some cooling if I decide to overclock the processor which might happen. It would be cool if it eliminated noises well, but if it doesn't I will handle it anyway.

This build is basically already over my budget, so if anything needs a change, I definately prefer switching to similar price components if possible. Unless there is some completely faulty design decision of course... :)

Thanks for any opinions in advance,



Jan 24, 2014
[quotemsg=12560665,0,1427880]Whats your budget.[/quotemsg]

The current build is $2430 in my country (Poland). I'd opt not to spend more, but if it's justified, I will.