Question Need a show display only level card

Apologies up front. I am delving into unknown territory here (lol).

I need the single cheapest GPU that can support two DP monitors showing nothing but a desktop and browser pages. No gaming, perhaps a web conference.

I have a R7 1700 on an AB350 board. I am aware there is some issue with "legacy" cards on a new system, but not very educated/aware of what that is as I have not had to deal with it.

I was rather shocked to find retailers asking $250 plus for a 750....
If you want something new there's always this:

Otherwise you'll have to scour Craigslist or eBay or some other second hand classifieds thing. As far as "legacy" support goes, the graphics driver model in Windows hasn't changed since Vista, so theoretically if it had Vista support, it should work on Windows 10.
I think the aspect that burns me up...I had one of those little 54xx series cards up until a couple of months ago and cleaning it out figuring I would never use it. I fried my backup 750ti while trying a 3d printed (full length) I/O shield. Didn't seem like much of a loss at the time.
Honestly, given your situation, I probably wouldn't go with more than a GT 710 with a DisplayPort and HDMI port and (if needed) use an HDMI to DP adapter/cable.

-Wolf sends
I have been absolutely shocked at what a 710/730 are going for right now.
I hit up a buddy of mine and think I have found something to work for this. He is sitting on a stack of "obsolete" equipment, and has some old cards.