need advice and opinion new build


Jul 11, 2011

k first will all work together? second is that psu good? last i need ur advice and opinion... im going to be playing on a HP 2010i 20'HD Ready LCD 1600x900 but im going to get a 24' later.I like to be able to play BF3 when it comes out but i dont know if the 6850's r going to be enough,i dont know if i should just go for 6870's or just get one 6950 and i was going to get one gtx 570 but after looking at some benchmarks the gtx 570 gets pwn by the 6850's and at this time x2 6850 is cheaper then one gtx 570,so yea..

CPU/Mobo combo $330
Case $36
memory $44
cd/dvd burner $21
Win7 64-bit $95
hard drive $55
PSU $90
1)GPU $170
2)GPU $170


Apr 21, 2011
Here's a build almost similar but substitutes parts here and there to upgrade the GPU to GTX 560 Ti:

CPU & Motherboard : $333- i5 2500K & MSI P67A G45

HDD & Optical Drive : $52- Seagate Barracuda 500 GB & Samsung (Compromised)

OS: $95- Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (64 bit)

RAM: $44- Gskill Ripjaw 4GB (2X 2GB) . (Has $9 off with promo code)

PSU: $55- Antec Neo ECO 520(Sufficient to power 560Ti)

GPU: $235- EVGA GTX 560 Ti

Case: $36- NZXT Gamma Series(Same)

Total (Excluding Rebates): 849 USD

Rebates: 45 USD

Remember the board supports SLI but the PSU will not be able to provide enough juice to the second card. If you have some money get say like $70 and you are willing to go after rebates look at this PSU(850 , bronze certified and modular) & RAM (8GB , has $10 off with promo as well) combo... $25 worth of rebates)
GTX 560Ti is more powerful than 6850, but both are good card at their respective price.