Question Need advice ASAP

Jan 9, 2022
Guys I am at a total loss. I have a perfectly working pc. I pack it up to move, it spends a week not hooked up, including 2 days in my uhaul. I get it hooked up in new place. Windows error. I try everything to restore it, but windows will just not launch. So I say to heck with it and do a full reset, I have now tried to install windows on all 3 of my drives and every time it seems to install and then 0 screen output after bios. Please help I am clueless.

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Would a damaged ram module cause me to be able to not launch past the install windows screen?
you never know what damaged or malfunctioning hardware can cause.
and you're not just testing the memory, but everything that you can.
that's why you start with a breadboard setup and test everything individually.
narrowing down the amount of components connected can help with identifying what exactly may be the cause.