Need advice between two GTX 680?


Oct 14, 2012
Hello, i´m going to build new high-end gaming system and i need your advice.

My setup:
I7-3770K or i5 3570K ?
Asus Maximus V Formula
G.Skill Sniper 8GB 1866Mhz
GTX 680?
500GB Caviar Black
Cm Storm Trooper
Corsair HX 1050W GOLD

I´m deciding between Asus GTX 680 4GB and MSI Twin frozr 4GB? What the best?
I´m looking for durable quality and performance but i need high quality componnents.
In future i want to sli?

I was thinking about GTX 680 Lightning but it has only 2Gb i want 4GB to play gaming like skyrim with many mods.


Sep 5, 2012
Of all of them the MSI Lighting would be the fastest but since you don't want it because of the VRAM I would say get the MSI twin Frozr.
Dunno Which ASUS card you are talking about but if it is the Direct CUII then that one will be coolest.

So its like
Cooling - ASUS<MSI twin frozr=Msi lighting

Performance - MSI lighting<ASUS=Twin Frozer

So get the ASUS card if it is the Direct CU version
For gaming .... Id get the 3570, no need for hyperthreading.

At that MoBo price range, Id get the Sabertooth or WS

Although the HX series garners mostly 10.0 jonnyguru ratings, the 1000 and 1050 watters are dogs by comparison w/ 8.0 and 8.5 ratings. The HX850 would be more than adequate for two 680s.

as for GFX, Id take the Asus DCII 670 but if ya stuck on the 680, the MSI Lightning.

I'd take the Corsair 500D (9.25 rating) over the StormTrooper (9.0 rating).

Especially since ya save $35 with the MIR and $25 combo discount

You're bit hampered by storage. My guess is budget restraints kept an SSD outta the build but if ya can't squeeze one of those in, a hybrid SSD / HD can give ya some of the best of both worlds. Without a benchmarking program, you would be hard pressed to discern the difference between an SSD and HD combo versus a hybrid SSD / HD. And only $30 more than the WD Black for 50% more capacity
Boot Time SSD = 16 seconds
Boot Time Momentus = 17 seconds