Question Need advice building a powerful HTPC for my mom


Oct 14, 2015
Hello everyone!

My mom's birthday is coming up soon. I want to surprise her with, what I hope will be her dream computer.

Has has always been a fan of apple products because of their minimalist silver/aluminium design and silent operation.

Here is my proposed build, I would love it if someone could answer a few of my questions below.

Case: Streacom F7C Alpha
Motherboard: B450 Aorus Pro WiFi
Graphics Card: Radeon WX 3100
RAM: 16GB 3000+ (whatever is cheapest at time of purchase)
CPU: RYZEN 5 2500 (the CPU in my current case, I'm going to upgrade)
CPU cooler: undecided, I'd love to fit an AIO water cooler inside, heat might be an issue if I don't.
PSU: the answer to my question below will decide this one.
Storage: one M.2 drive and an SSD. Not sure which ones yet.

My questions are:

Pcpartpicker claims that the graphics card won't fit in the case, but I've looked up the dimensions myself and they seem to be compatible. (I want to put this particular card in because my mom wants to get into image editing and I've heard this is a good entry level card). Can the card fit inside the case?

The Streacom F7C doesn't seem to have any way of getting a traditional PSU cable through the back panel. I could not put in the motherboard I/O shield and then route the PSU cable through the empty space there, but that seems unintended. Streacom does sell an external PSU, which is intended, but I want everything to be inside the case. I would very much like some advice on what to do for the PSU.

I am aware that the blower style cooler might get loud during image editing, but my mom is only thinking of getting into image editing. I assume the fan would be off while she is doing anything else e.g. working on documents, watching videos or sending emails. I think the noise from that fan can't be helped, a small price to pay I think.

All in all, If this build ends up working out, I think that this will be an incredibly efficient, quiet and cool build. The graphics card has a fan which, I believe, will be placed directly next to a case grille, and the blower style cooler will mean and there is a minimal amount of hot air from the GPU floating inside the case. The CPU cooler (if I can manage to get an AIO water cooler inside) will make sure that the other main source of heat is well controlled. I think I have planned this out pretty well, I really really need some extra input from you experts though. It would make my mom so happy.


Put your ideas/idealism aside and consider your Mom's viewpoint.

You have good ideas. However, I suggest reconsidering.

Yes - a surprise PC is nice but there are so many factors and uncertainties with respect to the proposed build that that approach may end up being a disappointment at best and unworkable at worst.

Instead of trying to surprise her ad hoc, I suggest that you work with her to get the Apple product of her choice.

Or truly make it a surprise via an Apple gift card for the applicable cost.

Rationale: I am a person who has tried your good faith approach and had it backfire in my face on multiple occasions with respect to multiple products.

Not that the "surprise" was unappreciated per se - the gift just did not work. No matter how much I rationalized the product or service beforehand.

What is that old expression? "Moms know best....."

Happy Birthday to your Mom.


Mar 16, 2013
Has has always been a fan of apple products because of their minimalist silver/aluminium design and silent operation.
This strongly suggest a familiarity with the apple ecosystem and software.
The box you suggest won't have that.

I agree with the with Mom to make the proper device appear on her table.
If my kids banded together and bought me an iMac of some sort, because "it's better, Dad!"...I'd nod, say thank you, and see how much I could sell it for.