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Sep 10, 2019
Let me explain my situation I have 2 questions, I recently had a asus tx570 tuf gaming plus ,g skills sniper x 3600 2x 8GB Evga 750 watt power supply, ryzen 3600 and 256GB m.2 2280. And 2TB Seagate.
Reason x580 sapphire nitro 8GB card

My pc stopped booting up ,I tried bios as well noluck, long story short I'm sending it back under warranty , Tech support had told me my Ram wasn't compatible with the board ,I know for a fact it was a year ago,, I even seen the article on the web still posted , seems like gskills should make that right anyways Ive had performance issues since i put the pc together always had Ram getting ate up , the pc wasnt neever consisent , my main thing i need help choosing out a motherboard cause my last choice wasnt to good of one . I m looking to spend around $130 on a used or new board . Looking at the Gigabyte x570 a PRO or would asus x 450 rog strix f , or asus x470 prime I pretty much been looking at all the boards in this prive range .Also possibly find a board that would run with my Ram that would be sweet. Dunno my mind is spinning lol could someone pls help me ,I am using .my pc for pro audio recording and gaming , like Far cry , battlefield and creed assassin. Be nice if wifi could affordable but not priority.


RAM, doesn't cause RAM to "get ate up".

"Other stuff", causes memory to get "ate up". Memory holes are a software problem. Whether from buggy code in the operating system, or a background process from another application, or an actual application itself, OR an infection, none of these issues are to blame on the memory. When memory is to blame for something it will be the fact that it doesn't work at all, won't run in multiple channel configurations or throws errors and BSODs.

Your RAM getting ate up is something other than the memory, just to be clear on that point.

The best motherboard, bar none, that supports ALL three Ryzen generations and can handle CPUs all the way up to the 3950x, is the B450 Tomahawk and Tomahawk Max. There is no better board you can get for the price. If you want to spend a little more, the B450 Gaming Pro carbon AC or X470 Gaming Pro carbon are very good choices as well, but those are outside the range of the budget you want to stick to so your very best bet would be the Tomahawk Max.

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