Need Advice for buying Sound card


Apr 8, 2008
What I have currently:
Logitech z5500
Gigabyte z77 ud5h mobo realtek onboard audio
have all the optical,coax, analog cables

Price point: $0-$120

What I'm looking for:
I watch a lot of movies from rental netflix, blockbuster, and etc. I would like to be able to get DTS, Dolby digital 5.1 passthrough to my speakers. I think max it supports is 96/24.

I also play a lot of games Battlefield 3, cod, and etc.. I would like to be able to have the best surround sound while playing these games.. From some forums they say bf3 supports dolby digital sound output but im not sure if thats true

What I've found so far:
Creative x-fi titanium hd
Asus Phoebus

I dont know much about sound cards so.. yea =/... some people said the creative x-fi titanium doesn't really support dts or dd
The Phoebus isn't out yet [as far as I know anyway]...

At the $120 price point, the obvious choice is the ASUS Xonar DX. Anything else is a waste when using a pair of Z-5500's.

Also, I highly recommend connecting via analog; using Dolby/DTS significantly reduces overall audio quality, due to the compression the signal undergoes.