Question Need advice for cooling on my current PC with upgrade in mind ?


May 24, 2020
My current specs

cpu - i3 12100f with stock cooler
ram - 2x8gb 3200mhz for the sake of height here is he model KF432C16BBK2/16
mbo - ASUS H610M-A D4
gpu - tuf gtx 1650 super
psu - lc power 6650 v2.2
ssd - samsung 980 500gb and a 250gb hdd
and its in some old random case with no case fans so im keeping it open at all times

Im looking for a budget cooler which would satisfy the needs of my i3 for now while in the future i plan on upgrading to i5 13500.
This is the site i would prefer to shop from because i can buy it instantly -
If there isnt a good value you can suggest me models and i will see the price in my country and if its fits my $45 budget