[Need Advice] GTX 670 or GTX 660ti


Jan 5, 2013

First i would like to thanks the tom's hardware community as they were and still a great help for me whenever i decide to review a component before purchasing, and also

this is my first time to post here as i used to always google things and leech info from here :D .

so lets go to the point.

i built 2 months ago my 1st Desktop PC since i was always a laptop user and here is the spec. :

i5-3570k @ 3.4ghz (CPU)
Asus P8Z77V-Pro (mobo)
G.skill Ripjaws -x 8GB (2X4GB) DDR3 1600 CL9 @ 1.5V (RAM)
Asus GTX 660 Direct CU II Top 2GB DDR5 (GPU)
SeaSonic S12II Bronze 520W 80 Plus (PSU)
Cooler Master TPC 812 (CPU Cooler)
Coooler Master HAF 912 Combat (Half Tower Case)
4x 120mm cooler master case fans (2xtop, 1xrear, 1xside)
1x200mm cooler master megaflow (at front)

and bought 2 weeks ago this monitor Samsung Sync Master S23A700D 3D and 120hz refresh rate and thats when i faced my problem with my GPU, as when i set it at 120hz

i get that flickering images at the top left of the screen on both DVI-I & DVI-D Ports , so i went to the store last night to test both screen and GPU and the problem was from

the GPU, so they told me that they will take it to maintenance check and they will call me next tuesday to tell me if i will get a refund or another new as its a manufacturer

issue and also in both cases i have the option to pay the difference and get another GPU and according to my pocket right now i have those 2 cards to choose from if i want

to upgrade : Gainward GeForce GTX 670 2GB GDDR5 vs. ASUS GeForce GTX 660 Ti DirectCU II OC 2GB GDDR5 , or i can just get a new Asus GTX 660 Direct CU II Top 2GB

DDR5, because i was saving to buy a 128gb SSD , so is it worth upgrading and buy later an ssd drive and if i do upgrade which i choose as i checked alot of benchmarks sites

and each have different result for those 2 cards so if anyone have tried or something about those 3 cards and their realistic differences please share it with us.

really sorry for the long post but i wanted to mention all details so the picture will be clear. :)

Thanks in advance and have a good day.