Need Advice in system build


Sep 2, 2012
Hello all,
today due to shorting my motherboard and processor got shorted and i have to buy new motherboard and processor
my current config is
nvidia geforce 8400gs ddr2 pcie
transcend 4gb ddr2 ram 800mhz
hitachi sata hard disk
lg dvd writer
circle case with circle psu
fried intel dg31pr motherboard and fried intel core2duo e7500 at 2.93Ghz

so,help me in choosing new motherboard and processor
plz tell me intel motherboard and processor dont suggest other brands
also,tell me combo motherboard with processor as i have limited budget?

so,now is my ram is waste because ddr2 is older and i dont see availability of ddr2 motherboard and core2duo processor?

should i go for intel i3-2120 with a intel motherboard in combo and get a ddr3 ram?

plz suggest me good config.

thanking you,