Mar 25, 2012
Hello, im on a very tight budget ($350-400 for the whole PC), i can spend about $50-80 on a CPU. I have been thinking of something like SB Celeron G530/Pentium G630 from intel or something like Athlon II x3 455/athlon II x4 631 from AMD.
I m also considering an APU, the A8 3850 ( A8 3870Kfor easier OC but it is like $30 than A8 3850 more in my country so i dont think it is worth it). I read in reviews that when the IGP is OCed and paired with 1866MHz DDR3 ram it is quite capable for gaming.

If i don't go with the APU, my GPU will be something like Sapphire HD 6670, Powercolor HD 6770 (i hope it is a good brand cuz they have awesome price tags) or GTS 450 (i hear it can OC very well), if i go with the APU i will try to fit an HD 6570 DDR3 in my budget to go with it for Dual Graphics mode (hope it is worth it).
You would be better off with the dual core Intel + 6770 than with the A8s.

The biggest reason to get the A8 is to just cut the video card out of the equation. By that I mean to not have to deal with video card related troubleshooting tasks.

If you are willing to suffer through troubleshooting video card related problems, its better to get the video card.

If you were building a computer for your grandparents or something, I would tell you to go for the A8, but young people tend to be more tolerant of technology related problems.