Need advice on a new machine


Dec 10, 2012
Hey guys,

This might sound like an odd request but its one that i take close to heart. I consider my self to be a hardcore gamer and a capable designer/ animator. My previous machine was a beast at the time it was bought, which was 2-3 years ago. It came with a powerful graphics card, good motherboard and CPU which allowed me to multi task. I mostly use my machine for leisure purposes such as gaming and designing and sadly last week my machine bust. The problem is the CPU, i am 100% sure of it and getting the same cpu isn't expensive but i still want to build a new machine

My request is this , is it possible for someone to help me design a new machine ? Preferably for gaming/ designing. meaning i need ram. My old machine had 8Gigs of ram which was more than enough and in my new machine i would require at-least 8. I already have a Case, PSU whic is currently at 750W i believe and Hard-drive and DVD drive , i only need the core stuff such as the motherboard , cpu and graphics cards , i can find my way around the ram.

My budget is around 700£ which is roughly 1100$.

Thanks for reading , hope to hear from you soon

-CUBA :hello:

my current pc case
my current PSU

I already posses all external components such as speakers monitor mouse etc .