Question Need Advice on Intel 10th Gen Build for High End Gaming PC

May 14, 2020

I'm looking at building a high end gaming PC using the new Intel i9-10900K CPU and GeForce RTX 2080 ti next week (assuming I can get the CPU). Any advice on the motherboard and other components I should pick up for this? Anything else I should consider? Will all the components be available next week (e.g. AIO cooling for CPU, etc.).

I built a PC years ago but I'm definitely a novice. Was just going to order one from a manufacturer but thought this would be more fun and less expensive. Been doing research online but thought I would solicit some feedback from people who have forgotten more than I'll ever know about this stuff.

The two big things will be the processor and motherboard.
All else is available now.

Be prepared for a i9-10900K or 10900KF to be in short supply and fetch premium prices.
It is probably best to pre order one but be prepared for delayed delivery.
Find a place that you can trust to have stock.
You will be getting the best binned chip.
For gaming, I think the I7-10700K will work just as well.

On the Z490 motherboards, I have no opinion on the best one. I think they all will be good.
Again, I do not know if a pre order is best strategy or if you should shop for a place with guaranteed stock.