Question Need advice on my possibly broken GPU fan ?

Apr 12, 2021
Every now and then, my GPU fan would abruptly make a loud buzzing sound, turn off, then turn back on. When this happens once, it repeatedly happens until I turn the laptop off or start playing a game. I'm not really bothered by the sound, and I can live with this problem since the fan works when I play games. However, I find myself worrying about whether this repeatedly happening could damage the laptop since the fan makes pretty violent vibrations when it starts buzzing (from what I noticed).

I'm currently considering taking this to a repair shop, but I have my doubts about doing so with COVID and the hassle. So, I would like to ask for your guys' advice and thoughts.
Also, I already tried opening up my laptop and cleaning the fan. It definitely helped since it has started happening less - I could go for hours before a cycle starts. However, it didn't completely get rid of the problem.

My laptop is a two year old Asus ROG GL504GM.