Need advice on Nvidia GTX 570 / 680 vs Quadro 2000 vs FirePro v5900


Jan 31, 2013

I've been researching a lot about these cards (Nvidia GTX 570 / 680, Quadro 2000 , FirePro v5900) for my 3D modeling, rendering and animation use. But I can't seem to choose which one I should get.

I mostly work with 3dsmax, maya, softimage, aftereffects, adobe premiere, photoshop and zbrush.

I saw this

and it seems like FirePro v5900 works better than Quadro 2000.

But when I was researching, I found that many people said to get GTX 570 or GTX 680. Aren't these gaming card though? Do they work better/ in par with Quadro 2000 or FirePro v5900? I don't do hardcore gaming, just light gaming.

My budget is around $500

I can't get Quadro 4000 since I'm still a student, not in professional line yet, and it costs double the Quadro 2000/FirePro v5900.

Or are there any other recommended graphic cards?

Kindly help, thank you.