Question Need advice on the following crossfireX problem.

Oct 7, 2021
Hello there,

I am a budget gamer currently playing with bioshock infinite. (Steam)

My question is:

When I crossfire the two r5 240 gpu's together, the max frequency of both gpu drops from 1.175 V 780 mHz (non-crossfire) to 1.000 V 550 mHz (crossfire).

This can be seen when i play bioshock infinite, ashes of the singularity benchmark and unigine heaven.

May i know how to get the max frequency back to it's default setting?

Currently I have the following system:

Hp 6305 small form factor
Win 10
2 x r5 240 in crossfire. (One pcie 2 x 8 northbridge and one pcie 2 x 4 southbridge)
16 gb Ram
Driver: 21.5.2

Thank you.


Are both cards identical? Might want to parse a link to both GPU's. BIOS version for your motherboard?

What is the make and model of the PSU in your prebuilt? As for the slots, you're running them back to back so one card will be running hotter as well. For all intents and purposes you should ditch the idea of a crossfire setup and work with the single most powerful card that your platform will support(and that won't kill your wallet).
Oct 7, 2021
My answers:

Both cards are identical in appearance except for the RAM. One is Hynix, the other is listed (autodetect). The RAM runs at the same speed when single or crossfired.

Parse a link? May i know what does it mean?

Northbridge: K15 IMC
Southbridge: A75 FCH
Bios: K06 v02.77 - AMD AGESA RichlandPI V1.1.0.2
Bios date: 22/3/2018

230 W HP OEM Psu for a HP 6305. The r5 240 are 50W cards.

If single, one GPU runs about 75 C. 1.175V at 825 Mhz
If crossfire, due to the low clocks they run at 50 - 55 C. 1 V at 550 Mhz.

I wish i can buy a new gpu, unfortunately, a new low profile gt 1030 will cost about 40+ meals in my country.
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