Question Need Advice on upgrade for 3ds MAX modelling and rendering

Jul 15, 2019
Hi all,

As the title suggests I´ve relied on my integrated 1GB GPU within my CPU far too long. I don´t want to spend crazy money but I´m flexible with my budget ($500 or so). I don´t game and only use my computer for 3ds MAX. I use VRAY so I can choose between GPU or CPU rendering. I was looking into buying a GPU something like a Nvidia 1070 or 1660. As long as it´s a minimum of 6GB. However, now I´m not so sure if I should opt to change my CPU for more cores, but this would require an motherboard change as well for 8th or 9th generation chips. Does anyone have any recommendations. on how I should upgrade? My aim is to increase productitivity in MAX and decrease render times in VRAY.

My current setup is:
  • MB - ASUS Z170-A Skylake Crossfire
  • CPU - i7 Intel 6700k
  • Memory - Hyper 16GB 2400mhz RAM
  • PSU - Corsair RM750x (750w)
  • Samsung SM951 SSD