Need advice on upgrading my system

Sep 30, 2018
The other day someone gave me their old pc for free, knowing that I was getting into pc building. I've been using it since, as it is an upgrade from my sub £200 Chromebook I've been using since Christmas 2016. It's specs are:
i3 540
4gb ram
Integrated graphics
500gb 7200rpm hard drive
I cba to look at power supply or motherboard model. Motherboard is LGA 1156 socket, and supports up to 16gbs of ddr3 1333mhz, although don't quote me on that last bit.
As Christmas is coming up, I need advice on what parts to buy. I'll buy a new CPU and GPU, but the motherboard is in a nice condition so I'd like to keep it. Any good budget SSDs world be good to know about to.


Because you want to keep the MB, recommend to buy a 500gb SSD, the 250gb is OK, don't buy the 120 GB SSD, because it is too small, and either 2X4GB RAM or 2x 8GB RAM, then sale the single 4gb RAM you had. If you just buy other single stick RAM, you may or may not have the RAM compatibility problem.
I'll buy a new CPU and GPU
If you want to use the PC for games, you need to buy the whole PC.