Question Need advice picking a motherboard.

I think they'll be very similar in terms of VRM quality. They both have 12 phases of DrMOS power stages that should stay cool with any Ryzen CPU on AM4, even when attempting to overclock..

The X570 does have some compelling features. Mainly that's more PCIe lanes to the PCIe sockets and they're all PCIe gen 4. But you really need to have a purpose for that, if so it might be a good choice. However it also has a chipset fan to worry about.

The B550 has PCIe gen 4 to the GPU and the NVME, which is more than anyone can take full advantage of right now. Unless price is much better for the X570 board I'd go for the B550.
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What processor are you using that makes a big difference. If your using one of the new 5XXX chips you need a motherboard that you can flash the BIOS without a working processor.
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